Maharishi in the World Today

Maharishi in the World Today


⇒ 1990—Maharishi’s Year of Alliance with Nature’s Government.

⇒ 1991—Maharishi’s Year of Support of Nature’s Government.

1: In 1976 Maharishi inaugurated the World Government of the Age of the Enlightenment. Maharishi’s Administration through Natural Law—Global Raam Raj—celebrated on 12 January 1993, developed its organizational structure in 1996, on Guru Purnima Day, when Maharishi established Global Administration through Natural Law, materializing the concept of Maharishi’s World Government of the Age of Enlightenment.

2: This is the ideal of the Natural Law Party in sixty countries.

3: Every national flag will fly with the cosmic flag of Maharishi’s Global Government of Natural Law.

4: Maharishi realized the intensity of ignorance prevailing in the political leadership of the world. In his desperate mood to save the world from suffering, he finally decided to produce the effect irrespective of governments. He decided that governments, functioning according to man-made constitutions, completely ignorant of the eternal Constitution of Natural Law, are not able to understand the proposals, plans, and programmes to create perfect administration through the support of Natural Law. He decided to take a self-sufficient path that would not in any way depend on governments.

Maharishi decided to create a Global Government of Natural Law to render all governments as really sovereign governments in their own countries and to quietly raise the efficiency of every government on a par with the Government of Nature and thereby substantiate the purpose of government in every country.

A global awakening of the failure of governments everywhere, and a global demand from the world press for something new in the field of politics, attracted Maharishi to the field of politics.

Maharishi was moved by the logic that the democratic system prevailing in the world invites anyone to enter into government and serve the nation through his knowledge and ability.

The discovery of the Constitution of the Universe within the human physiology has given a very solid foundation and strength to Maharishi’s global political programme to transform the field of politics and establish the rule of Natural Law in all parts of the world.

Every responsible politician in any country should now turn to the royal road of Administration through Natural Law (which is already quietly administering the activity of all systems and structures of the body), and this will mean that the national government will quietly receive the full support of Natural Law, and positivity and harmony will prevail in national consciousness. There will be conflict-free politics and a problem-free government. National energy will not be wasted in oppositions of political parties, and all the national intelligence will be used for progress.

5: Maharishi formally established the organizational structure of ‘Maharishi’s Global Administration through Natural Law’ on Guru Purnima Day, 30 July 1996:

‘It is a very, very great delight for me that I have a chance now, after Puja to Guru Dev, to express to you all, for the world of all times, the establishment of this global organization which has now been established with the blessings of Guru Dev, as the Prasad of Guru Puja.’

‘This global organization will establish administration through Vedic Knowledge in the centre of every country, and this will enliven the organizing power of Natural Law for the government and give invincibility to the government, peace and happiness to the people, and will give nourishing sovereignty to every sovereign nation.

‘Now, through this global organization, I am inviting all governments who have been living under the influence of other nations to enjoy real freedom—no free country in my world should be dependent on any other country: “Get into this knowledge of Natural Law, enliven Natural Law in your people, enliven Natural Law in the collective consciousness of your nation, and you will be the custodian of Natural Law.”

‘This I am saying to every government: “You will hold the balance of power in the world even if you are a small country. As long as you are a free country; as long as you have power to make laws; as long as you have a currency, establish this centre of total knowledge—Brahma-Sthan—in the centre of your country, and as knowledge has organizing power, with the bliss of total knowledge—Brahmananda—lively in your country, the infinite organizing power of Natural Law will be at your command—you will command authority in the family of nations—you will hold the balance of power in the world.”

‘My global organization that is being set today is to give sovereignty, real invincibility—unrestricted total authority of sovereignty—to every government&clo’. —Maharishi

6: Refer to pages 30–41 of Constitution of India fulfilled through Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, Age of Enlightenment Publication, 1999.

7: The Global Country of World Peace will establish Global Administration through Natural Law by enlivening the nourishing evolutionary power of Natural Law in the life of every individual and in the collective consciousness of the whole world. The Global Country of World Peace has sovereignty in the domain of consciousness, authority in the invincible power of Natural Law, and a parental role in the family of nations.

From 12 October to 16 October 2000, during a five-day coronation ceremony (Rajyabhishek), Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, was crowned the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. On 17 October 2000, Professor Nader—whom Maharishi has honoured with the title 'Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam' in keeping with the tradition of the Royal Rulership of Raam, the Rule of Natural Law—graciously accepted his new role and announced the Ministries of the Global Country of World Peace, each upheld by the total Constitution of the Universe. (For further information on the Global Country of World Peace visit: