1977 Maharishi’s Year of Ideal Society: Maharishi inaugurates his Ideal Society Campaign by sending Yogic Flyers to 108 countries. Wherever they go the police take the credit for lowering the crime rate. With this global success, Maharishi formulates his Absolute Theories of Government, Education, Health, Defence, Economy, Management, and Law and Order to raise every area of life to perfection.

1978 Maharishi’s Year of Invincibility to Every Nation: Scientists discover the Extended Maharishi Effect, whereby just the square root of one per cent of the population practicing Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme Including Yogic Flying is sufficient to create coherence in collective consciousness. Maharishi validates this formula by sending groups of Yogic Flyers to the most troubled spots on earth. Scientific research records success.

1979 Maharishi’s Year of All Possibilities: Maharishi proclaims ‘all possibilities for mankind’ through his science of consciousness and designs the Global Super Radiance programme, in order to maximize the influence of Sattwa (coherence) in the family of nations.

‘The first World Peace Assembly with several thousand in attendance convenes in Amherst, USA, to create coherence in world consciousness.

1980 Maharishi’s Year of Pure Knowledge, the Veda: Maharishi brings to light his timeless commentary of Rig Veda, the Apaurusheya Bhashya, and introduces the principles of Ayur-Veda— the Science of Life—as the total knowledge of perfect health in the direction of immortality.

• Maharishi conducts the First International Vedic Science Course in New Delhi, India, and through the quiet performance of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme by 3,000 students of his Vedic Science, calms down the growing violent tendencies in India, demonstrating the rise of Sattwa (coherence).

1981 Maharishi’s Year of Vedic Science: Maharishi organizes the centuries-old scattered Vedic Literature as a complete literature of a perfect science—Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology— the Science and Technology of Consciousness.

1982 Maharishi’s Year of Natural Law: Maharishi establishes the Vedic Principles and Programmes for bringing life in accord with Natural Law—the Will of God.

• Maharishi inaugurates Maharishi University of Natural Law in England and 1,008 Colleges of Natural Law for the whole world.

• Maharishi celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his worldwide Transcendental Meditation Movement.

1983 Maharishi’s Year of the Unified Field: Maharishi brings to light the Unified Field Theories of modern Physics with reference to the self-referral field of Transcendental Consciousness, the field of pure knowledge.

• Maharishi celebrates the Rising Sunshine of the Age of Enlightenment for the whole world and tours five continents, blessing many nations: in Africa—Kenya, Ivory Coast, Zambia, and The Gambia; In Europe—Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, former Yugoslavia, Hamsa (Hungary), former Czechoslovakia, Greece, France, Holland, Finland, England, and Ireland; in South America—Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia; in North America—the United States.

• Maharishi gives the world its ‘First Taste of Utopia’ through the first assembly of 7,000 Yogic Flyers gathered for three weeks at Maharishi International University, Fairfield, Iowa, USA, who create the Global Maharishi Effect.

1984 Maharishi’s Year of Unified Field-Based Civilization: Maharishi begins to establish the irreversibility of the Global Maharishi Effect by holding large World Peace Assemblies in different countries.

1985 Maharishi’s Year of Unified Field-Based Education: Maharishi formulates a perfect system of Vedic Education based on consciousness.

• Maharishi creates Veda-Leela, the play of the Veda, which narrates and displays the mechanics of creation.

1986 Maharishi’s Year of Perfect Health: Maharishi implements his World Plan for Perfect Health to create a disease-free society and bring self-sufficiency in health care to every nation.

1987 Maharishi’s Year of World Peace: Maharishi presents to the world his Programme to Create World Peace through the mechanics of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Yogic Flying Programme.

• Maharishi presents to the world Gandharva Veda music for creating balance in Nature.